Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice

Models + Transformations = Software
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All trends, techniques, tools and modeling standards condensed in one single book

Ideal for developers, students and teachers looking to understand why, when and how to put in place a model-based development process


Increase efficiency and effectiveness in your software development.


Choose the right set of MDE tools and techniques for you


Impact of MDE in industry will grow exponentially in the future. Don't lag behind!


Agile and flexible tool to introduce you to the software modeling world


Lots of free content to help you learn faster


Covering MDA, UML, OCL, ATL, QVT, MOF, Eclipse, EMF, GMF, TCS, xText, and many other technologies

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Walk through all the awesome things you will learn in the book by browsing the over 500 slides we have prepared for you. Start learning and teaching MDE in no time. Special version of the slides for instructors. Sample projects also available.

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A necessary book for the MDE discipline

“I rated this book with 5 stars because it is a book that fills a gap between the theory and practice in MDE. The book integrates the differents areas of MDE in one place and put them in a good perspective with a conceptual and integrated view.

Five Stars

“Love this book! Super easy to understand and read it. For introduction courses!”

The good mix of theory and practice

“Excellent book. Authors include a lot of MDE concepts with illustrative examples (modeling, transformation models, ). The book allowed me to organize my ideas about MDE and MDSE”

Very clear and interesting

“I think this book is a great contribution to the subject, and provides useful resources for teachers and learners. Thank you!”

Excellent first aproach to MDE

“Great book for understand the principles of MDE, showing the advantages and the tools that are available for developing systems using different MD* approaches”

Captures the essence

“This is a compact, excellent book, that captures the essence of the model-driven Software Engineering discipline.”

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